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Evnex is a leading New Zealand manufacturer and installer of smart electric vehicle chargers.



As a Certified Installer you can have confidence that our electricians know to how install and set up your charger.


New Zealand Made

Evnex was founded in 2014, and their team has worked hard to design, build, and install smart EV chargers that are  affordable and better for the planet.



The E2 is the only EV charger in New Zealand that accurately tracks your charging emissions and gives you insights to help charge from cleaner electricity.



The E2 comes solar-ready and helps reduce your EV charging costs by harnessing excess solar energy at home.

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Energy Usage

The E2 charges your EV fast (up to 40km of range per hour) while actively monitoring your home's total energy use, to ensure the most efficient charge.


EV charger + install

• Evnex smart EV charger - 7.4kW or 22kW
• Free consultation
• Personalised quote
• Installation by our Evnex Certified Installer
• Testing and certificate of compliance
• Pre-setup of your Evnex charging app

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